Using the feedback system and NPS Revisior
+ 22%
to repeat orders
+ 20%
to total turnover
- 30%
less ad spend
*based on statistics from partners who are already using the service
Omnichannel feedback and NPS system
Reviews from all channels in a single system
QR codes, call center, email, SMS, push message, Viber, Google, and others. API integration with your CRM system
A convenient feedback processing system
Set up auto-replies to customers, process complaints through a convenient task manager, and control SLAs.
Analyze your service
Track NPS, CSAT, CSI, CES in real time.
Compare your service indicators relative to other companies.
Value of Revisior to business owners and management
More than 150 companies have already increased their brand loyalty with Revisior
Revisior for Enterprise
Customers get an opportunity to give a feedback through different points of contact with businesses :
  • Via Qr-codes located at sales points
  • Widget, APP, API
  • Viber / SMS / Email or push-notifications
You get real feedback which is immediately segmented according to the strucrure of your company
  • Messenger chat or application
  • Personal Revisior account
Analyze feedback, reveal the factors of loyalty and dissatisfaction and improve brand reputation
  • Instant feedback and response to the client
  • Analyze and improve the banchmarks of any business segments

Semantic reviews analysis.
Tools for convenient reviews processing with the with automation function.
Segment analytics by regions and customer categories.

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Revisior – is omnichannel system for collecting feedbacks and quality service monitoring
Comprehensive Feedback Service

We integrate the NPS system at every point of contact with the client using the following tools: QR codes, call center, Viber, e-mail, SMS, push

Customer retention and return

Identify customer needs and expectations through custom NPS surveys

Increase Profits Through Recommendations

A loyal customer brings at least 10 new customers to the company

NPS Implementation

We are building a process to improve customer experience in the company, we are training employees

Reputation Management

Monitor mentions of your company and competitors on more than 40,000 sites, including social networks

Segmentation and Analytics

NPS analysis and loyalty statistics are segmented by different indicators that you choose (period, type of appeal, rating, object, etc.)

Own call center for NPS polls

Determination of NPS loyalty factors and satisfaction index

Quick Revocation Alert and Customer Response

The chatbot and its own application informs about the review with the opportunity to read the text, photo, video, audio and immediately respond

Custom Enterprise Solutions

Business process audit and flexible approach to creating solutions to improve service

Connect your business to Revisior in 24 hours
Leave a request and our specialist will contact you within a few minutes and tell you about all possibilities for your business.

The number of QR codes on one site unlimited.

When is a negative review not posted?

Service is one of the most pressing issues in any business, so using Revisior is appropriate for anyone (online stores, restaurants, beauty salons, etc.).

We want to help not only private businesses and their clients. Our mission is to create a fair feedback service in various industries throughout Ukraine. Therefore, Revisior is free of charge for government organizations: universities, clinics, public transport carriers.

Currently, the service is most active in Kiev, Lviv and Zhitomir. By the end of 2019, we plan to connect establishments from many other cities of Ukraine.

Our goal is to keep coffee in coffee shops tasty, clean hotel rooms and safe city buses with Revisior. If you want to know how customers feel about your service - welcome!

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