Retain and return customers with a comprehensive feedback and NPS system REVISIOR!
Over 200 companies have already evaluated Revisior.
Service quality control system REVISIOR will help you increase profit and LTV

LTV (Lifetime Value) — this is the total profit of the company received from one client for the entire period of cooperation with him.

Revisior`s independent review system works for your brand`s reputation.
You will see your business as your clients see it. You will get a complete picture of their loyalty. And with this information you will increase your profit.
New customers sales growth
Monitoring and prompt reviews work will increase sales and LTV in any business.
Identify Strengths
The service will allow you to find strengths and show weaknesses in business processes.
Audience loyalty
Receive instant notification in the messenger if your brand is mentioned in the network or you get new reviews.
Convenient monitoring system
Revisior partners get the opportunity to track individual service framework and metrics.
They trust us
How does the REVISIOR service work?
Revisior for your clients
The client provides feedback through any communication channel.
QR code
The client leaves its contact to get feedback from the company. Feedback can be anonymous upon request.
A manager gets a review, while the client receives a prompt company reply with possible solutions if any issues were brought up.
Revisior for your business
1. Collect reviews from all communication channels in one single system.
2. Prompt feedback notification for quick processing with SLA control.
3. Retain and return customers by improving your service with detailed analytics.
Connect your business to Revisior in 24 hours
Leave a request and our specialist will contact you within a few minutes and tell you about all possibilities for your business.
Revisior has proven itself in various business areas
Restaurants, Cafes and Hotels
Medicine and Beauty industry
Manufacturers and Distributors
Transport and Logistics
Real estate
REVISIOR uniqueness
Reviews from all channels in a single system
QR codes, call center, email, SMS, push message, Viber, Google and others.
Quick feedback processing and result control
Response templates for clients, auto replies, SLA control, task setting system.
Net Promoter Score and service analytics
Segmentation, organizational chart, dashboards etc.
Solutions for SME and Enterprise companies
SME solution
Learn more
Learn more
REVISIOR is growing right now
under maintenance
Connect your business to Revisior in 24 hours
Leave a request and our specialist will contact you within a few minutes and tell you about all possibilities for your business.
A few words about Revisior
Revisior – is an independent international service that collects real reviews about institutions, companies, or bloggers. We help business’ owners see their products and services through the customers eyes.

The Revisior system can be implemented in any CMS. After inserting a simple code, a feedback block will appear on your site. If you do not have a website, we will create a personal page of the institution on Revisior.

After that, we generate a QR code and a short link. You can offer it to visitors (leave stickers on the table, print on table tents, send by e-mail) and receive feedback.Through your personal account, you will be able to collect statistics based on the received comments and send.

The owners of cafes, restaurants and shops contact us most often. But we are glad to see in our ranks everyone who sells goods and services: hotels, beauty salons, medical centers, travel agencies, private entrepreneurs.

The reviews service is useful for both newcomers and those who have already established themselves in the market. In the first case, you will receive objective feedback about your work. In the second, track the reaction of visitors: did you like the new dish from the chef? Is the administrator friendly? Is the doctor attentive?

We publish all the responses - both laudatory and angry. The main thing is that they come from real visitors. To make everything transparent and honest, we:

1. We identify and block fakes.

2. We inform the administration of establishments about negative reviews.

We are currently receiving approximately 300 responses per week. Before posting reviews to the site, we read each one. If we notice signs of a custom comment, then call the visitor and clarify the nuances. What time did you visit the institution? What was the score? Who served? Often fakes leave an invalid phone number or get confused about the answers.

When a company gets a low rating, we call its manager so that he can quickly respond to the client`s comment. If you need to choose the right words to explain a situation or to apologize, we can help.

In any case, all truthful comments, both high and low, go to the review site.

We want to help not only private businesses and their clients. Our mission is to create a fair feedback service in various industries throughout Ukraine. Therefore, Revisior is free of charge for government organizations: universities, clinics, public transport carriers.

Currently, the service is most active in Kiev, Lviv and Zhitomir. By the end of 2019, we plan to connect establishments from many other cities of Ukraine.

Our goal is to keep coffee in coffee shops tasty, clean hotel rooms and safe city buses with Revisior. If you want to know how customers feel about your service - welcome!

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